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Ankle Chains of Walking6000 gp5 lbs.Feet
Ankus8 gp5 lbs.Slotless
Annihilation Spectacles25000 gp0.25 lbs.Eyes
Anointed Holy Symbol10000 gp1 lb.Slotless
Anointing oil25 gp1 lb.Slotless
Anthill Boots12500 gp2 lbs.Feet
Antidote0 gpSlotless
Antidote kit100 gp3 lbs.Slotless
Antiemetic snuff50 gpSlotless
Antiplague50 gpSlotless
Antiquarian's Monocle1350 gpEyes
Antitoxin50 gpSlotless
Antivenom0 gpSlotless
Anvil5 gp55 lbs.Slotless
Anvil of the Skyseeker (Dwarf)6700 gp1 lb.Slotless
Apocalypse Box2 lbs.Slotless
Apollyon Clasp8000 gpNeck
Apollyon RingRing
Apparatus of the Crab90000 gp500 lbs.Slotless
Apparatus of the Octopus20000 gp400 lbs.Slotless
Apple of Eternal Sleep2500 gpSlotless
Applecheek10 gp1 lb.Slotless
Apprentice Chapbook of Rul Thaven195 gp3 lbs.Slotless
Apprentice's Cheating Gloves2200 gpHands
Apron of the Careful Chemist5200 gp3 lbs.Chest
Aquarium ball80 gp20 lbs.Slotless
Aquatic Cummerbund2600 gpBelt
Aquatic harness (Large)20 gp3 lbs.Slotless
Aquatic harness (Medium)10 gp2 lbs.Slotless
Aquatic pinger6 gp0.5 lbs.Slotless
Aquemir150 gpSlotless
Arachnid Goggles15000 gp2 lbs.Eyes
Arachnid Harness6160 gp15 lbs.Armor
Arachnid's Fang18302 gp1 lb.Slotless
Arbalest Cloak9000 gp8 lbs.Shoulders
Arboreal Armor18670 gp25 lbs.Armor
Arcane Battery22000 gpSlotless
Arcane family workbook300 gp3 lbs.Slotless
Archon's Torch750 gp1 lb.Slotless
Arctic Call4335 gp3 lbs.Slotless
Area map50 gp2 lbs.Slotless
Argental Font2000 lbs.Slotless
Armband of the Golden Serpent20000 gp3 lbs.Wrists
Armbands of the Brawler500 gp1 lb.Wrists
Armguards of Waning Hope25000 gp1 lb.Hands
Armiger's Armor22500 gp50 lbs.Armor
Armiger's Panoply7200 gp1 lb.Wrists
Armillary Amulet2500 gpNeck
Armor of Arrow Attraction10650 gp50 lbs.Armor
Armor of Fragmenting Stone21650 gp60 lbs.Armor
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