Greetings, I'm SorteKanin, a nerdy software developer who loves tabletop roleplaying games, especially the first edition of Paizo's Pathfinder. This site is dedicated to some of my side projects. At the moment, that really just means The Collection, but in the future I may put up more stuff here, especially if people are interested.

The Collection

Some time ago, I tried looking for a generator for items in the Pathfinder roleplaying game, but nothing was quite satisfying to me. Thus I decided I had to build it myself, and that's how the idea of The Collection began.

In addition to being able to generate items with a lot of customizable options, The Collection also serves as a highly filterable database of Pathfinder items.

Support me

If you like The Collection and want me to continue developing it, please consider supporting me. I purposefully do not run ads on this site so your support is the only way to keep it running. Given enough support, I would also love to develop new useful RPG tools!