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-2 Cursed Sword8315 gp4 lbs.Slotless
Aasen mortar500 gp50 lbs.Slotless
Abacus2 gp2 lbs.Slotless
Abat-Ne, the Blackstone Mace51005 gp5 lbs.Slotless
Abjurant Salt600 gp1 lb.Slotless
Aboleth Mucus Extract100 gp0.5 lbs.Slotless
Abrogalian Corset17175 gp10 lbs.Armor
Absorbing Shield50170 gp15 lbs.Shield
Abyssal Runestone1 lb.Slotless
Accent Pill300 gpSlotless
Accuracy lozenge330 gpSlotless
Acid10 gp1 lb.Slotless
Acid neutralizer15 gpSlotless
Acrobat Slippers3000 gp2 lbs.Feet
Acrobat's pillar50 gp40 lbs.Slotless
Adamantine Battleaxe3010 gp6 lbs.Slotless
Adamantine Breastplate10200 gp30 lbs.Armor
Adamantine Dagger3002 gp1 lb.Slotless
Adamantine chain (10 ft.)3030 gp2 lbs.Slotless
Adhesive strip5 gp0.5 lbs.Slotless
Admixture Vial5000 gpSlotless
Adventurer's sash20 gp3 lbs.Slotless
Advocate's Armor33160 gp15 lbs.Armor
Aegis15 lbs.Shield
Aegis of Recovery1500 gpNeck
Aegis of Recovery, Greater3750 gpNeck
Aerialist's Rod3200 gp5 lbs.Slotless
Agate Ellipsoid Ioun Stone1000 gpSlotless
Agate Ellipsoid Ioun Stone (Cracked)500 gpSlotless
Agate Ellipsoid Ioun Stone (Flawed)800 gpSlotless
Age ointment80 gpSlotless
Agent's Clasp (Taldan)60000 gpNeck
Agile Alpenstock2000 gp1 lb.Slotless
Agile breastplate400 gp25 lbs.Armor
Agile half-plate850 gp55 lbs.Armor
Agrimmosh10 lbs.Slotless
Aiger's Kiss2 lbs.Slotless
Air bladder0.1 gp0.5 lbs.Slotless
Air crystals50 gpSlotless
Air repeater600 gp6 lbs.Slotless
Air reservoir6 gpSlotless
Air tank0.5 gp0.5 lbs.Slotless
Air tank, pressurized25 gp30 lbs.Slotless
Akhentepi's Armor5235 gp10 lbs.Armor
Akitonian Blade8311 gp2 lbs.Slotless
Aklys5 gp2 lbs.Slotless
Alabaster Trapping3500 gp1 lb.Slotless
Alaznist's Hateful Ranseur12 lbs.Slotless
Alchemical blood40 gp1 lb.Slotless
Alchemical candle wax150 gp1 lb.Slotless
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