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Alchemical candle wax


Type: MundanePrice: 150 gpWeight: 1 lb.Slot: Slotless


As malleable as ordinary wax, alchemical candle wax produces an aromatic scent when burned. A candle made from alchemical candle wax normally possesses a sweet, honeylike smell, but a character who is trained in Craft (alchemy) can infuse the wax with nearly any scent available to her. A character trained in both Craft (alchemy) and Craft (poison) can infuse one candle's worth of wax with any alchemical substance that requires inhalation, such as a vial of alchemical pheromones (see below) or a dose of inhaled poison. When infusing the wax with poison, the normal rules for exposing oneself to poison apply. Only one kind of alchemical substance can be infused into a single candle at a time, though a single candle can hold up to 3 doses of a substance. A single lump of alchemical candle wax is enough to create one candle.

After burning for 1 minute, the alchemical candle releases the chosen alchemical substance as a colorless haze that lingers in a 5-foot radius centered on the candle for up to 1 hour, plus 30 minutes for each dose or vial of a substance infused into the candle wax beyond the first. A moderate wind (11+ mph) disperses the haze in 2 rounds; a strong or stronger wind (21+ mph) disperses the haze immediately. Alchemical candle wax can be created with a successful DC 20 Craft (alchemy) check.


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