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Wolflord's Fang34335 gp6 lbs.Slotless
Wolfsbane0.5 gpSlotless
Wooden armor20 gp25 lbs.Armor
Wooden stake0 gp1 lb.Slotless
Woodlands' Ingress18000 gpSlotless
Word Bottle1500 gp1 lb.Slotless
Wound Paste50 gp0.5 lbs.Slotless
Wracking Rod2250 gpSlotless
Wraith's Sight Elixir1500 gpSlotless
Wrangler's gloves20 gp6 lbs.Slotless
Wrist launcher200 gp1 lb.Slotless
Wrist sheath1 gp1 lb.Slotless
Wrist sheath (spring loaded)5 gp1 lb.Slotless
Writhing Armor9480 gp5 lbs.Armor
Wushu dart0.2 gpSlotless
Wyrm pesh500 gpSlotless
Wyrm's breath bitter30 gp1 lb.Slotless
Wyrmslayer's Shield20170 gp15 lbs.Shield
Wyvern Cloak78600 gp1 lb.Shoulders
Wyvernsting8335 gpSlotless
Xanthuun Tablets78000 gp85 lbs.Slotless
Xill Carapace Armor83050 gp15 lbs.Armor
Xorn Robe20000 gp1 lb.Body
Yithian Thought Ring35000 gp1 lb.Head
Zellara's Harrow Deck1 lb.Slotless
Zenj Spirit Fetish4500 gpSlotless
Zenj Totem Staff24800 gp2 lbs.Slotless
Zip-line hook (masterwork)55 gp1 lb.Slotless
Zip-line hook (normal)5 gp1 lb.Slotless
Zoic Fetish7500 gpSlotless
Zoic of the Primeval50000 gp1 lb.Neck
Zombie Skin Shield2159 gp15 lbs.Shield
Zonzon Doll of Forgiveness5000 gp1 lb.Slotless
Zul18395 gp4 lbs.Slotless
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