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Assassin's Dust750 gpSlotless
Assassin's Sight5250 gp4 lbs.Slotless
Assassin's Sight, Greater12250 gp2 lbs.Slotless
Assisting Gloves180 gp1 lb.Hands
Astralabe16000 gp3 lbs.Slotless
Astrolabe1000 gp6 lbs.Slotless
Astrologer's Telescope54000 gp30 lbs.Slotless
Asura Meditation Mat32000 gp3 lbs.Slotless
Atavistic Splinter37000 gp2 lbs.Slotless
Atlatl2 gp2 lbs.Slotless
Atlatl dart1 gp2 lbs.Slotless
Attentive Mirror1800 gp0.5 lbs.Slotless
Aura goggles15 gp1 lb.Slotless
Authoritative vestments450 gp15 lbs.Slotless
Automatic writing planchette25 gpSlotless
Automaton Core1 lb.Slotless
Autonomous Cartographer2000 gp0.5 lbs.Slotless
Autosniper trap250 gp1 lb.Slotless
Avalanche Shield19170 gp10 lbs.Shield
Avalanche Sling Staff36320 gp3 lbs.Slotless
Avernus Claw24 lbs.Slotless
Aviary of Spirits16000 gp5 lbs.Slotless
Axe musket1600 gp6 lbs.Slotless
Axe of Felling11330 gp8 lbs.Slotless
Axe of Forced Life45310 gp6 lbs.Slotless
Axe of the Dwarvish Lords12 lbs.Slotless
Axe of the Imperative5310 gp6 lbs.Slotless
Axe-gauntlet, dwarven heavy21 gp5 lbs.Slotless
Axe-gauntlet, dwarven light16 gp5 lbs.Slotless
Azata's Whimsy8000 gpNeck
Azlant Pendant3100 gp2 lbs.Neck
Azlanti Orrery1750 lbs.Slotless
Azlanti SealstoneSlotless
Azure Briolette Ioun Stone15000 gpSlotless
Azure Briolette Ioun Stone (Cracked)8000 gpSlotless
Azure Briolette Ioun Stone (Flawed)14000 gpSlotless
Baba Yaga's Besom3 lbs.Slotless
Baba Yaga's Mortar and Pestle50 lbs.Slotless
Bachelor snuff1 gpSlotless
Backbiter's Focus7800 gp1 lb.Slotless
Backbreaker Mail17650 gp45 lbs.Armor
Backpack (carrier)25 gp5 lbs.Slotless
Backpack (common)2 gp2 lbs.Slotless
Backpack (hydration)40 gp4 lbs.Slotless
Backpack (masterwork)50 gp4 lbs.Slotless
Backpack (weaponrack)25 gp5 lbs.Slotless
Badge of Authority1500 gp0.5 lbs.Slotless
Badge of Veiled Authority3500 gpSlotless
Badger plush45 gp2 lbs.Slotless
Bag of Concealment (Type I)5000 gp15 lbs.Slotless
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