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Alchemical pheromones (aggression)


Type: MundanePrice: 150 gpWeight: –Slot: Slotless


Alchemical pheromones are variously colored liquids typically stored in glass vials. These pheromones combine the natural scent of an animal (such as a wolf), humanoid (such as a human), magical beast (such as a unicorn), or vermin (such as a centipede) with alchemical reagents that enhance and refine that scent, making the concoction potent enough to modify the behavior of a creature. A dose of alchemical pheromones must be created for the animal, magical beast, or vermin type or for a single subtype of humanoid; it typically affects only creatures of that type or subtype. The effects of the alchemical pheromone depend on the type.

When it is smeared onto a surface or it is thrown as a splash weapon, the alchemical pheromone fills a 5-foot-radius area with its scent. The scent then remains active for 1 minute. A creature of the targeted type or subtype that enters that area must succeed at a DC 14 Will save or be subject to the effects of the pheromone for 1 round. If the creature remains in the affected area, it must attempt a new saving throw each round as long as the pheromone remains active. All alchemical pheromones are mind-affecting effects, but swarms (as well as any other collection of creatures that acts as a single creature) are not immune to them. Creatures that don't need to breathe are immune to alchemical pheromones, while creatures with the scent ability take a –4 penalty on saving throws against them.

Aggression: Affected creatures are driven into a mindless frenzy, as if affected by simultaneous confusion and rage spells.

Arousal: Affected creatures are aroused and distracted, causing them to lose their Dexterity bonus to AC.

Simple: An affected creature is staggered for 1 round. Whether the target succeeds at or fails the saving throw, it becomes immune to simple alchemical pheromones for 24 hours.

Susceptibility: Affected creatures are forced to obey one specific, simple command, as if affected by a command spell. The command is chosen when the pheromone is created, and must be a something simple, such as approach, drop, fall, flee, or halt (as defined by the command spell).

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