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Alchemical dye kit


Type: MundanePrice: 160 gpWeight: 6 lbs.Slot: Slotless


This kit provides a variety of creamy liquids in glass jars, and allows you to temporarily change the color of your hair or skin to match that of a creature of any humanoid race. This includes exotic and unusual hues, such as gnome hair colors. If used as part of a Disguise check, this kit reduces the time required to create the disguise by 1d6 minutes (to a minimum of a full-round action), and halves the penalty to disguise yourself as a different race whenever such recoloration is necessary. Each use of the kit changes either hair or skin color. If you need to change both your hair color and your skin color, you must spend two uses of the kit to gain the benefit. Each dye takes 1 minute to apply (thus requiring 2 minutes to change both hair and skin color). Once applied, the colors are waterproof, and can't be rubbed or burned away. An application of dye fades after 1d4+1 days unless removed earlier by magical means. Applying a new application of alchemical dye immediately covers and replaces a previous application. An alchemical dye kit is exhausted after 10 uses.


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