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Chronicle of the Righteous


Type: Wondrous ItemPrice: Weight: 12 lbs.Slot: Slotless

Magical properties

Caster level: 25Aura: overwhelming universal


The Chronicle of the Righteous is the collected records of the good Outer Planes as written by the exiled angel Tabris, who was ordered to catalog the lore of all the multiverse but was cast out of Heaven for his findings. The pages pertaining to the good Outer Planes lie within covers of beaten precious metals, bedecked with jewels of every color and inscribed with celestial iconography. Only a truly reverent individual, completely devoted to good, can open the Chronicle of the Righteous without an effort of will; for others, a successful DC 12 Will save is required to open the book. On a failed save, the individual decides she is unworthy of beholding the Chronicle and cannot attempt to open the book again for 24 hours.

The Chronicle of the Righteous is written in Celestial. It details the geography of the good-aligned planes, the gods, empyreal lords, and celestial creatures who live there, and the unadulterated truths of these beings and their acts—truths that are sometimes heartening and at other times unsettling. Any evil-aligned creature who touches the Chronicle of the Righteous gains 1 negative level. This level cannot be restored until the character has remained more than 10 feet away from the book for 24 hours. Nongood creatures attempting to read the book must succeed at a DC 15 Will save or have their alignment permanently take one step toward good.

A reader who spends 30 days (not necessarily consecutively) studying the book receives several benefits. The book contains copies of every conjuration (healing) spell and every spell with the good descriptor. The user gains a +4 bonus on all Knowledge (planes) checks if she uses the book as a resource (consulting it for at least 1 hour regarding a question), and its descriptions of the good-aligned planes are so accurate that any teleportation travel to or within those planes always brings the caster to the exact location desired.

As long as the book is carried, the user is immediately aware of any action that might cause an alignment shift or a loss of standing with her deity, as if she wore a phylactery of faithfulness. The Chronicle of the Righteous is also surrounded by a permanent zone of truth, and creatures must succeed at a DC 15 Will save to tell a lie within 20 feet of the book. The bearer of the book casts all good spells as if she were 2 caster levels higher and gains a +2 bonus on all Charisma checks and Charisma-based skill checks when interacting with good creatures. Three times per day, the book can be used to cast one of the following spells: banishment, consecrate, greater planar binding, holy smite, holy word, sanctify weapons, and summon monster VII. Each time the Chronicle of the Righteous is referenced or used to cast a spell, there is a 10% chance that any empyreal lords on the same plane as the user instantly become aware of the book's precise location.


The Chronicle of the Righteous can be destroyed by first bathing it in the blood of a fallen empyreal lord who has killed at least 100 good mortals and then burning it in a pit of hellfire.

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